I am a PhD Candidate in the School of International Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney. My research explores the policy disconnections in Australia between the efforts to manage professional fishing for the sustainable harvest of food and a regulatory environment in the post-harvest space where sustainability becomes a consumer value.

I completed a Masters in Public Policy and Governance at the University of New South Wales in 2015. I also hold BAs in Political Science (UNED, Madrid); in English Literature and Language; and in Catalan Literature and Language (both at the UAB, Barcelona).

I look at the regulation of fisheries from the perspective of deliberative policymaking and I apply discourse analysis methodologies to interactive fisheries governance. I am interested in the meanings of fish as a resource and of seafood as a food product, in the implications of these meanings for the regulation of sustainability, and in the potential of discursive practices to stagnate or generate policy change. Driving my research is a genuine fascination for how Australians relate to fish, fishing, and regulation in manners unsuspected in my original Galician background.

The practical foundation for my research lies in my former career in international arts policy, especially in my work to promote Catalan literature internationally. This has often involved implementing large projects in politically charged environments, working with stakeholders from different cultural backgrounds and generally, learning to deal with elements of conflict, consensus and power in governance arrangements.